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What is Equitable Access?

Equitable Access (EA) is a learning material distribution method in which students access all of their course materials on day one of class. Instead of having to find and purchase expensive textbooks each term, all students receive course materials at the lowest market price through EA. Whether digital, physical, or print, course materials are automatically delivered to students for all courses they’re enrolled in. The cost of materials is bundled into students’ tuition as a flat fee, whether per term or credit hour.

Equitable Access is the most effective model to achieve affordable learning outcomes across campus, empowering all students to succeed. No matter the field of study, financial status, or material preference of a student, EA provides. Every time.

One Ecosystem for Equitable Access Operation

At Willo, we enable your campus with all of the technical solutions it needs to implement EA while keeping all sales and operations on your campus through our streamlined ecosystem.

With Willo’s leading Equitable Access management platform, campuses enjoy:

  • One-time setup through one centralized integration
  • Fully-integrated LMS functionality
  • SIS integration with real-time and up-to-date student access 
  • Ability to run your access program as opt-in or opt-out 
  • Bursar system integration with real-time accurate billing
  • Willo Dashboard progress tracking with real-time visibility into key KPIs
  • Student data privacy and security through our student data anonymization

If your school is ready to scale its existing access capabilities to better serve the entire campus, Willo paves the way.

How does Willo benefit your school?

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Full Automation

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Equity for All Students

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Privacy and Security

Bookstore Managers

Physical Book Fulfillment

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Dispelling the Top 3 Myths About Equitable Access

Because Equitable Access is implemented campus-wide, some academic institutions have valid questions when considering an EA program. Explore some of these common questions and misconceptions with Willo’s experts.

Willo Puts the “Equity” in Equitable Access

Equitable Access through Willo is simple: we help your campus achieve its equity goals so all students can achieve their academic goals. 

With the traditional textbook model, students get overwhelmed or confused when looking for the right materials at the right price. Due to financial reasons or lack of accessibility, some students choose not to purchase essential textbooks. As a result, both the students and the campus stores risk falling short of their full potential. 

With Equitable Access, the overwhelm and confusion turn into ease and clarity. Campuses that utilize EA experience higher student retention rates, more positive student experiences, and streamlined campus store adoption. As education evolves, EA equips all students to thrive. 

Want to know what Equitable Access savings look like on your campus?

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See Willo in action

See Willo in action.