How to make digital learning a zero-step process

Willo gives students frictionless access to digital education content and applications. Our platform clears the big hurdles between digital delivery and real learning by day 1 of class.

How it works...

Instant Access

No more access codes

Students have frictionless access to ebooks and learning software via your LMS or Portal.


Enable student choice plus instant access

Manage student choice with no data entry. Get opt reports in real time.


Simplify & speed integrations

Set up digital content and learning application access in a few clicks.



Manage business intelligence and your digital program with dashboards & reports.

Provide instant digital access for students

Willo Labs enables instant access and delivers real-time data for billing, reporting digital program success and business intelligence in any transaction model - whether students are billed through an all-inclusive access program or buy direct from a bookstore.

Grant access to digital learning with the first student click, opt in/out, or purchase transaction, with:

  • No Data Entry
  • No Access Codes
  • Real-Time Data

Current State for Digital Learning Access

Diagram of the current state of digital integration.

Digital Access Experience with Willo Labs

Diagram of the Willo state of digital integration.

Willo For Institutions

Willo makes your LMS or portal integrations easy, fast and manageable. You can go all-digital with providers or retailers, and meet student choice requirements. No more need for access codes or third party app registration processes. Students just click in and start learning.

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Willo For Providers

We accelerate your digital access and affordability programs. Make adoption and integration easy for your institutional and retail partners. Let students access your content and apps without the hassle of access codes or registration. Give them Opt-in and Opt-out choices. Then watch how well it’s working with real-time analytics.

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Willo For Retailers

Help your college and provider partners improve student affordability with frictionless access to digital learning. No more need for access code distribution and registration processes. Meet Opt-in and Opt-out requirements for all-inclusive models, and track success for them all in real-time.

Check out what we do for you

What is Willo?

Why use Willo?

Data privacy in course materials


All Inclusive Digital Access Model: Instant Access with Opt-in and Opt-out

  • Meet Federal and State requirements for all-inclusive digital access programs.
  • Customize your own Opt-in and for Opt-out language & experience.
  • Allow an Opt-in after an Opt-out decision.
  • Track student choice data via real time reports.
  • Share data with an SIS for student billing and refunds.

Student Bookstore Purchase Model: Instant Access with one click

  • No more access codes. Students buy in-store or online, then instantly access their course materials without registration or login steps.
  • Via an LMS or Portal, Willo auto-creates course sections and auto-registers students into provider apps via the LTI specification.

Business intelligence with visualizations and analytics

  • Monitor and share your digital program success.
  • See usage data for every integration, course, section, app and provider, all in real-time.
  • Track unique users for billing all-inclusive access
  • Correlate digital use to outcomes, content, and curriculum design.

Quick and simple integration management in one place

  • Enable all-digital access via an LMS, portal and/or with retail partners.
  • Integrate digital learning in seconds, per open industry standards.
  • Manage, organize and customize all content and apps integrations in one place.
  • Support course masters and copies.
  • Speed course link changes with 1x edit and automatic push to all sections.

LMS Grade Sync vs LTI 1.1:

  • Enable grade or outcomes sync to the LMS Gradebook for all apps on the IMS LTI 1.1 specification.
  • Take advantage of custom build solutions for non-LTI enabled apps.


Which e-readers and learning apps work with Willo?

Any that are LTI 1.1 enabled, and we can custom-connect apps that aren't yet LTI compliant

Which LMS's/platforms work with Willo?

Willo works with all major LMS's in the market. And if the LMS or Portal isn't yet LTI-compliant, we can translate protocols and make seamless access happen.

How many ebooks or apps can I integrate into 1 course section in my LMS?

As many as you like!

How long does it take to set up Willo?

Once we get your instance going, integrations take minutes.

My apps are LTI compliant and I have single sign on (SSO). Why would I use Willo?

With Willo you have SSO plus a single, speedy tool for creating and managing all your integrations. You have auto-provisioning for courses and users. You can manage access with opt-in and opt-out, and make strategic decisions based on analytics.

I have an ebook reader and bookshelf link already in my LMS or Portal. Why do I need Willo?

With Willo you add learning apps to your integration capabilities, along with opt-in and opt-out for all-inclusive models and comprehensive usage data.

Is Willo secure?

Institutions, Providers, Retailers, and Students control information. We protect data with encryption that exceeds industry standards.

Willo Labs Accessibility Statement

Willo Labs is committed to ensuring equal access to all users through the adoption and application of the standards set forth in Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG 2.0). Willo Labs currently meets almost all requirements of the WCAG 2.0 AA standard, and we have plans to be fully compliant by January of 2019.

For feedback regarding our efforts to ensure equal access, please email us at



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