One connection. Infinite scale.

Take charge of your campus’ digital learning delivery.

Willo for Higher Education

Connecting thousands of campuses across North America.

One digital experience for your campus.

Willo is the only platform that empowers your campus to give your students and faculty a single, simple way to access any digital learning content in your LMS—no external websites, no access codes. Students get a smooth experience from day one, so there’s less troubleshooting and more learning.
Connect once to digital products

Connects once to digital course materials

Go to lms course

Go to LMS course

Click to opt or buy from campus

Click to opt or buy from campus bookstore

Get instant access to course materials

Get instant access to course materials

Receive learning analytics, bursar billing and store transaction data

Receive learning analytics, bursar billing, and store transaction data

Keep student data secure

Keep all student data securely on-campus with consent and anonymization

Giving campus stores the power to strategically manage the future of digital course materials

Giving campus stores the power to strategically manage the future of digital course materials.

With streamlined purchasing and data transfer across campus, Willo empowers bookstores to lead the way into the digital future.

You’re in control.

  • Keep student access and transactions on campus
  • Get a tech partner that will never compete with you
  • Ensure students can use their campus-based funds and get the lowest prices
  • Use technology—not just contracts—to stop providers from getting your student data
The solution IT teams have been waiting for

The solution IT teams have been waiting for.

Willo gives IT teams a platform to automate the integration process, reducing hundreds of LMS connections to just one. Manage campus apps and get students to their learning materials with one click.

Get privacy controls that keep student data on campus

Get privacy controls that keep student data on campus.

Safeguard student data and minimize security risks with the only technology that provides digital learning privacy controls and management at-scale.

Anonymization mode

Anonymize all student PII when transferring data between your LMS and provider platforms. Students can use courseware anonymously, while their scores are encrypted and securely sent to the LMS gradebook.

Student consent mode

Give students the choice to consent or decline to share their personal data with third-party learning providers.

Calm the chaos on your campus.

The average 4-year college has over 100 LMS integrations. With just a single connection to Willo, you can stream all content providers and never have to do an LMS integration again.

“We've started calling [Willo] a one-stop shop. Students come through our store, they pay for the product in our LMS, and it’s much smoother.”
Nikki Daniels, Washburn University
“Getting it up and running was a smooth process.”
Blane Peters, Oklahoma State University
“Is it really going to be as good as you say it's going to be? Yes, it actually is.”
Elizabeth Smith, University of West Georgia
“10 times better than any company out there—and we've used all of them.”
Starla Marshall, Oklahoma State University
“Students are no longer showing up to class without their materials. They’re no longer wondering 'How do I log in with this 24 digit access code?'”
Derick Robertson, Georgia Southern University
“While Willo is a learning company, technology is at their core and what they do best - it takes only minutes to get the info I need. Thanks to Willo, we are prepared for the future.”
Chad Saunders, York University
See Willo in action

See Willo in action.