Take charge of the digital future.

Willo puts campus stores at the forefront of complete campus management, scale, and strategy for digital course materials.

Willo for Bookstores
Say goodbye to spreadsheets and access codes

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and access codes.

From adoption all the way through course materials delivery, Willo takes care of connecting all of the dots. Data transfer between the store, faculty, and publishers becomes a breeze thanks to adoption management tools, sales stay on campus, and students get the right materials at the right price. No spreadsheets, no access codes.

With Willo, everyone wins.

Willo works with any access model.

Inclusive Access

Open Access

Equitable Access

Opt in Opt out

Student Pay

Student Purchase

Institutional Models


Point of Sale


Equal affordable access for all students

Equal, affordable access for all students.

Whether students buy from the store or have a direct-bill program, Willo gives the store team the power to do what no other platform can: ensure students get the lowest price for course materials, right on your campus—and always with the ability to use campus-based funds like financial aid, scholarships, and grants.

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Effortless adoption management.

The days of chasing down adoption decisions and creating spreadsheets are over. Willo gives bookstores a platform to easily manage the adoption process from start to finish.

Easily collect adoption decisions

Faculty simply confirm or enter their decision into the Willo adoption tool and the store can manage workflows in real time.

Transfer data with one click

Automatically share adoption and billing information with other stakeholders and systems. No more uploading and downloading spreadsheets.

Calm the chaos on your campus.

Increase your sell-thru with Willo and ensure your students get the right materials at the right price through campus.

See Willo in action

See Willo in action.