Frequently Asked Questions

Which e-readers and learning apps work with Willo?

Any that are LTI 1.1 or 1.3 enabled. We can also custom-connect apps that aren't yet LTI compliant. Willo also includes Willo Reader, a fully integrated and modern academic e-Reader with web and mobile apps for offline reading.

Which LMSs/platforms work with Willo?

Willo works with all major LMSs in the market. And if the LMS or portal isn't yet LTI-compliant, we can translate protocols and make seamless access happen.

How many ebooks or apps can I integrate into 1 course section in my LMS?

As many as you like!

How long does it take to set up Willo?

Once we get your instance going, integrations take minutes.

My apps are LTI compliant and I have single sign on (SSO). Why would I use Willo?

With Willo, you have SSO plus a single, speedy tool for creating and managing all your integrations; you have auto-provisioning for courses and users; you can manage access with opt-in and opt-out; and you can make strategic decisions based on analytics.

I have an ebook reader and bookshelf link already in my LMS or Portal. Why do I need Willo?

Willo is the world's only integration platform for digital learning - this means it's the only tech that gives schools the efficiency and control to manage the learning access experience, privacy and affordability. Any other type of digital learning delivery is a large mix of 3rd party integrations, data sharing, workflows, technologies, pricing and operations. With Willo, you calm the chaos.

Is Willo secure?

Willo reduces your current private data security risk exponentially by reducing dozens of LMS integrations to just one. The Willo integration protects your data with encryption that exceeds industry standards. The Willo platform does not store any student grade or financial data, so it's never at risk of exposure. Learn more about how Willo protects student privacy.

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See Willo in action.