LMS integration is about to get a whole lot easier.

Willo gives you total control of your digital course materials delivery.

Integration Management

No more manual integrations. Ever.

Stop dealing with hundreds of third-party LMS connections one by one. Willo does the heavy lifting for you and automatically delivers all courseware from any provider in one place—with just a single connection.
No more manual integrations
Day one access for all students

Day one access for all students.

No matter your campus’ business model, Willo enables you to deliver instant access to all course materials from day one. Students’ school accounts are billed automatically, or they can purchase in-store and access their materials online right away—no access codes needed.

One dashboard to rule them all

One dashboard to rule them all.

Organize, customize, and manage all LTI-enabled content in one place. You’ll never have to worry about individually managing hundreds of app integrations again.

Reduce your security risk by 99%

Reduce your security risk by 99%.

Through a single connection, Willo can anonymize all student traffic from the campus LMS to digital learning providers, reducing your risk by a factor of hundreds.

Where automatic becomes automagic

Where automatic becomes automagic.

Willo delivers streamlined LMS integration with a platform that handles the entire process for you.

Grade Syncing

Willo powers grade sync from your courseware tools to your LMS gradebook.

Deep Linking

Import third-party content with just one click—deep links included.

Assignment Syncing

Any time you create a new assignment inside a learning tool, Willo automatically creates the assignment in your LMS gradebook.

Primary Courses and Copies

Willo supports primary courses and copies, allowing you to push changes across multiple course sections in a single click.

See Willo in action

See Willo in action.