Streamline IT workflows with the world’s only automated LMS integration platform.

Just one integration and you’re done.

Willo for IT Teams

One connection for total campus scale.

Willo gives IT teams a platform to automate the integration process, reducing hundreds of LMS connections to just one.
One connection for total campus scale
Reduce all your LMS integrations to one with total data privacy

Reduce all your LMS integrations to one, with total data privacy.

Like a streaming device for digital learning content, Willo consolidates all your LMS learning tool integrations into just one. Connect to Willo and you’ll never do a provider integration again. And through our middleware, you have the option to turn off student data sharing with third parties, putting a lock on one of the biggest data risks on campuses today.

Maximum efficiency with a single digital experience

Maximum efficiency with a single digital experience.

Willo massively reduces your workload and support tickets with one consistent access experience for your whole campus. No more confused students and faculty struggling to navigate dozens of different digital product pages.

Any provider any LMS full interoperability

Any provider. Any LMS. Full interoperability.

Willo connects any LMS directly with provider tools to automatically provision users and manage access. We use the LTI standard to enable grade syncing, assignment syncing, and deep linking for any digital content—including courseware, eBooks, OER, and digital assets.

Never do an LMS integration again.

The average 4 year college has over 100 LMS integrations to manage. Stream all content providers with just one connection to Willo.

Get privacy controls that keep student data on campus

Get privacy controls that keep student data on campus.

Safeguard student data and minimize security risks with the only technology that provides digital learning privacy controls and management at-scale.

Anonymization mode

Anonymize all student PII when transferring data between your LMS and provider platforms. Students can use courseware anonymously, while their scores are encrypted and securely sent to the LMS gradebook.

Student consent mode

Give students the choice to consent or decline to share their personal data with third-party learning providers.

Integration that works

Integration that works.

With more than 60 million product launches and zero downtime events, Willo is radically changing the way IT teams handle LMS integration—for the better.

Get connected quickly and easily

Connect to Willo in a 15-minute call. Once you’re set up, your integration work is done.

Deliver instant student access

Willo is the only platform that gives students instant access to any digital learning products.

Reduce support requests

Because Willo turns hundreds of different access experiences into just one, Willo drastically cuts down student and faculty support requests.

“With data security and data privacy concerns growing ever more important, Willo has helped us make the most of online learning tools without the added risk of exposing student information.”
Kyle Whitley, The University of Kansas
“Willo student anonymization tools have significantly reduced our exposure to data privacy and security risks.”
James Rourke, University of Kansas
“I can always count on Willo Labs to go the extra mile to solve any issue and help make my life easier whether with a vendor, instructor, our LMS team or a student.”
Missy Poock, University of Northern Iowa
See Willo in action

See Willo in action.