York University’s Campus Bookstore Success with Willo Labs

York University’s Campus Bookstore Success with Willo Labs

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Hear about the experience Elisa Morera, Manager of Textbooks and Digital Engagement at York University, has had with Willo Labs and how their bookstore has found success with scalability and building trust on campus:

In the face of intersecting challenges like the rising cost of education and the pressing need to consider campus sustainability, universities constantly seek innovative solutions to scale up their digital course materials delivery while meeting broader, long-term goals.

York University, based in Toronto, Canada, partnered with Willo Labs to meet these challenges head-on. And here’s what their campus bookstore found:

• Scalability: York needed a robust system capable of handling the volume and extensive demands for course materials from its large student body. Thanks to the partnership with Willo Labs, the university’s bookstore can confidently meet this challenge and scale up as the campus grows.

• Trust-Building: The deployment of an intuitive digital course materials platform with Willo means that York University faculty and students can effortlessly navigate their course content, fostering a sense of reliability and support from the bookstore. 

• Sustainability: York University’s e-book program (run through Willo Labs) underscores the campus’s dedication to removing financial barriers to education while promoting environmental consciousness.

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