3 Ways to Level Up Your Campus Store to Meet the Needs of Generation Z

3 Ways to Level Up Your Campus Store to Meet the Needs of Generation Z

Generation Z (anyone born between 1996 and 2010) is the first generation of “digital natives” in history. In developed countries like the U.S. and Canada, Gen Zers grew up with abundant access to the internet. They were raised with handheld devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets. 

In schools, Gen Z children took computer science, coding, digital design, and related courses as standard educational requirements. Gen Z students have an increased interest in information and communication technologies (ICT), especially in educational settings. From a survey taken of 192 Gen Z students, more than 60% said they either agree or strongly agree that teachers and schools should use more ICT methods in education. 

According to Pew Research Center, Generation Z is not only the most technologically literate generation to date, but they’re also the most likely to attend college. As early Gen Zers graduate from college to pursue careers in the real world today, their rapid ability to adopt new technologies and adapt to digital trends presents them with unique strengths. 

But can universities keep up with Gen Z expectations? How can schools meet the learning demands of Gen Z college students? 

These are all crucial questions to consider in today’s advancing e-Learning space. Here are three ways your school can upgrade its campus store to serve the needs of Generation Z through the future of education.

1. Strengthen Data Privacy Across Campus

All of the conveniences and innovations of technology come with some risks. Gen Z students aren’t clueless about data privacy and security: they can spot a phishing scam and digital red flags in an instant. 

Thus, digital security is extremely important to students who are pursuing higher education. A major factor in Gen Z’s selection of products, services, and brands is quality and transparency, and this extends into the campus store. Gen Zers want to use learning materials and tools that are ethical and safe — tools that will protect their information, their money, and their valuable time spent studying.

To strengthen digital security and data privacy on your campus, evaluate the level of protection of existing LMS integrations. The most common threats to student privacy exist in the lack of SSO options, as well as a disconnection between IT teams and campus operators. Using a more secure platform like Willo, campuses can reduce security risks by 99%.

2. Match Cultural Desire for Inclusivity and Equity

Not only is Gen Z the most diverse generation in the professional world already, but they’re also the most demanding of ethics models such as inclusivity and equity. 83% of Gen Zers claim they prefer employers who are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. This preference doesn’t begin in the workplace, though. It’s initially expressed in education.

Here are a few ways your campus store can improve equity and diversity:

  • Make course materials accessible online and in-store.
  • Set up inclusive access and equitable access programs on campus. 
  • Stock your store with brands and products that students want to support with their dollars.
  • Partner with textbook publishers that stand for diversity and equity in education. 

One common challenge that campus stores face today is trying to meet these demands while maintaining consistent revenue. The most ethical choice isn’t always the most profitable. Fortunately, for campus stores that implement the right digital connections between course material providers and student access programs, ideal partnerships can grow campus margins. 

3. Meet Student Expectations of Unlimited Digital Access 

Fair and easy student access to learning materials is vital to the academic success of Gen Z. Unfortunately, this isn’t the reality on many campuses today. 

Some widely-used LMS interfaces remain clunky and outdated, and it’s a headache to try and switch your entire campus to a more user-friendly option. A more common challenge among campuses is that they’re faced with many different course material LMS integrations and access experiences. This requires students and instructors to manage numerous log-ins, keep track of various accounts, and interact with separate platforms when they simply want to access the materials they need.

Improve the learning experience of Gen Z on your campus by upgrading to an all-in-one platform:

  • Equip instructors with the technology they need to select inclusive access and equitable access materials for each class. 
  • Seamlessly deliver course materials to students through a secure, safe platform that supports any LMS. 
  • Make it easy for students to pay for course materials using whichever financial option they prefer.

Does such a solution exist? With Willo, you can upgrade your entire campus store operation to meet the wants and needs of students: Gen Z and beyond. 

The Most Secure, Accessible e-Learning Solution for Gen Z Campuses

Willo Labs was created to equip schools with modern solutions that ensure both student and campus success. As the digital world grows more innovative and complex, higher education institutions need technology that’s powerful and secure enough to keep up. 

With Willo, students get access to everything they need, from course materials to data privacy options and more. Your campus store can choose from any content provider while providing instructors with the digital support they deserve. It works with any LMS system. No access codes are required. 

The best part: Willo works with any business model for your campus store, so it’s scalable. Deliver course materials at the lowest price available, while ensuring Day 1 access for students across your campus.

It’s real. Schedule a demo of the Willo platform today and let us help you level up your campus for Gen Z. The future of your campus culture deserves it.