Same Book, Lower Price: Accessible Course Materials With Willo

Same Book, Lower Price: Accessible Course Materials With Willo

It’s no secret that secondary and post-secondary education is expensive, and there are many changing factors in today’s digital boom. Student loan debt amounts to nearly $1.6 trillion in the United States alone.

While college course materials sales have increased by 3% in the past three years, book sales are currently the lowest they’ve been since 2013. Students don’t want to pay for textbooks that are overpriced beyond their constrained budgets. In a recent educational survey of undergraduate students, 65% admitted they avoided essential textbook purchases because of unreasonable costs.

Having access to their required course materials can be the difference between passing or failing a course for students. The resources a student has at their disposal should not be the deciding factor in their success in higher education. Course materials affordability and access have never been more important.

Even though the rise of digital materials in today’s higher education system is timely and important, what are institutes of higher learning doing to make materials more affordable? And how are students navigating the options available?

Overpriced Course Materials Come With a Cost

Publishers and campus stores need to make money, but student equity is a pressing campus concern. Students pursue a college education to access the support, resources, and skills they need to fulfill important careers that contribute to the larger community. But with the financial demands of colleges today, accessing course materials is a primary stressor to many. 

Full-time undergraduate students can expect to spend an average of $1,345 out of pocket for course materials in a single year. Of full-time students surveyed, 1 in 4 claimed they had to work extra hours or even skip meals to afford the costs of required materials. This poses a serious threat to students’ grades, learning outcomes, and overall academic experience. 

How Can Students Get the Lowest Price on Course Materials?

Fortunately, there are many options today that make access to course materials more affordable. Several prominent examples include: 

  • Digital textbooks and eBooks
  • Open Educational Resources (OER)
  • Inclusive Access and Equitable Access programs
  • State and federal funding 

But even with all of these new developments, not all students experience equal access to the materials they need. When the campus bookstore isn’t the most affordable option, students will look to third-party websites and wholesalers. This strategy can be time-consuming, overwhelming, and even risky.

How can students free themselves from the overwhelming work of searching for the most affordable course materials options? Better yet, how can students better utilize their financial aid or campus funds to secure the most affordable course materials option?

Your school can make this possible for all. With Willo, you put digital access into the hands of every student — equipping them to get the right materials at the best price. 

Willo for the Most Affordable Access to Course Materials

Willo is a powerful digital course material delivery platform that academic institutions can leverage for student access. 

No matter what LMS stack, store business model, or access program your campus operates with, Willo helps your campus champion digital learning opportunities into the future. 

  • Keep course material transactions on campus
  • Enable students to use campus-based funds
  • Offer students the lowest price on course materials
  • Ensure codeless, digital day-one access 
  • Integrate with any LMS 
  • Works with your campus access program 

Students, faculty, campus stores, and institutions all benefit from the Willo Lab’s revolutionary LTI integrations. We exist to support your campus in making education more affordable, accessible, and successful for all. At our core, we believe students come first, which means as digital learning continues to grow, your campus needs a more secure solution that supports the evolving future of education.

Learn more about the most affordable, equitable digital learning platform today. Schedule some time to see the Willo platform in action.